Thursday, December 2, 2010

pressed pennies and monochromocracy

Two Christmases ago, K gave me some presents (bien sûr), and this little pressed penny was one of my favorites (sometimes it is the little things...). I always intended to turn it into a necklace, but never got around to doing so--about a year ago I poked a hole in the top, and only last month did I finally put a chain on it. Man, do I know how to procrastinate, or what? Anyway, I think it is charming :)

(dress: rock n' rose vintage; tights: goodwill; shoes: seychelles; necklace: diy)

I feel like I've been a little less adventurous with color lately. Maybe it's a reflection of my grey surroundings, but some mornings I feel like color is an assault on my eyes (I originally put on a pair of raspberry tights with this dress and swapped them out for monochromatic grey). Also, I've had a bit of a revelation about my personal style, which I'll get into later. I bought this dress when I was living in PDX, and it always makes me a bit nostalgic for the little old city. I would go to Powell's, spend hours and hours browsing the racks for used books, then hop across the street and duck into Rock N' Rose Vintage for some vintage shopping (in an effort to escape the rain, usually). Mind you, when I was living in Oregon I was working as a barista and making no money whatsoever, so all of this shopping was very, very naughty of me. No matter :)

Do you see all of the broken branches strewn on the ground around me? We had a huge storm yesterday, with winds up to 75 mph. I had an appointment yesterday morning and when I was driving to work I was whiteknuckled with fear because I thought my car was literally going to blow off the interstate. When I got home the entire town of Richmond was powerless--even the stoplights were out--but luckily we had to do laundry (I never thought those words would ever pass through my lips, but there you go), so I just grabbed the clothes and the soap (fumbling in the dark) and hoped that everything would be sorted out by the time we got home. It worked out. I got to sit in the well-lit laundromat and do a crossword puzzle, and our little town was up and running when we returned.

Oh, and speaking of grey, I found my first grey hair this morning. Not awesome. We're just going to chalk that one up to stress and pluck the slate clean.

(PS: Thanks to everyone who left lovely comments re: my fall photo shoot! I made K read all of them in an attempt to convince him that his talents were appreciated--here's hoping you can convince him for me!)


  1. I fell in love with your dress!!! fabolous *^_^*

  2. Ah, I've been finding gray hairs for years. They're not so bad. :)

    I love the monochromatic look. I definitely go through phases of being drawn to colorless looks as well.

    Joe collects smashed pennies, which I love. He has a vintage cigar box full of them from when he was a little kid. I love the idea of making one into a necklace!

  3. I've got this one really wiry grey in my fringe. I noticed it earlier this year but so far it 's a lonesome hair. I'd probably vainly pluck it but I can't afford getting rid of any hairs, sadly my hair is anything but thick. I think I'd prefer to be gray to being bald!

    My husband reacted quite differently to his first greys. He was pleased as anything. Sometimes he has me check for more and seems a bit peeved by the slowness of grey hair progress. LOL

  4. I'll take first grey hair over first indication of a wrinkle any day, pfff.

    I think it's pretty normal to lose colour as we go into winter. I've gone a bit cream, and would go grey except that I don't have anything grey and MUST NOT buy anything else before Christmas!

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    I like the hairstyle ;)

  6. I've been trying to tone down my colors too. Well I still wear bright hues, but less of them, otherwise I look like a crayola crayon haha

  7. you always look adorable and that necklace is so sweet, it makes me all weepy.