Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cold weather wants

I have been busy as a bee lately! We were totally dumped on by a snowstorm earlier this week, and now my regular photo-taking spot has been buried beneath a foot of snow (apparently that road is not on the plow list...) so I have to find a new place to pose. In the meantime, all I can think about is staying warm! Here are a few items I've been eyeballing this season: cozy knits (slippers and sweaters for snuggling inside), fluffy furs (mittens, muffs and boots for cutting the cold), and otherwise awesome items for my wintertime wardrobe.

What are your cold weather wants??


  1. Oooooh, those Toast slippers are amazing! My cold weather wants are probably more food-related than clothes related....warm hot chocolate with marshmallows...mince pies...Spanish turron...mmmmm...but basically if you throw a pair of slippers and a pair of red mittens my way, I'm a happy woman in the wintertime.

    Yay for DCU! So very close to UCD, just that little northside/southside divide and a switcheroo on the initials :)

  2. great selection, I am in the market for more warm gloves and cozy scarfs.

  3. I really want some booties along the lines of those last ones, but not shearling. Was trying on my desired pair earlier today but they're £150 so yeaaaah.

    I really love that Urban Outfitters cardigan. Why do I unfailingly go for the most expensive? Sheesh.

  4. oh my gosh....i ADORE that deer sweater from ruche! been trying to find a vintage one like it!

  5. I love the faire isle sweaters, they're so vintage-y and cozy looking! I want too!