Friday, May 11, 2012

currently coveting: round sunglasses



Three weeks from now I'll be on my way to Cape Cod for an early summer loungeabout.  I would die to wear those peachy Elizabeth and James sunglasses (top left) with my new teal bathing suit, but $300 is not happening.  I don't play the pricey accessories game.  Still, I might have to stop off somewhere and pick up a pair of round frames before hitting the beach...


  1. im obsessing over john lennon glasses!

  2. i love these! but a) i don't know if they'd suit me and b) i think i'd get some strange looks in the area i live. might just get some anyways! lovely post and i love the post below this one too!


    helen @

  3. if you want some round sunnies, go to ebay! i got a pair there for $6, and i get complimented on them all the time!

  4. Yeah, the most I ever paid for sunglasses was €40, and they were nice, but I inevitably lost them at a bus stop 2 years later... I do like the groupie-decadent looks round frames give though.

  5. LOVE both of the ones on the right!

  6. Oh man I think I need a pair like this too. I have such a gigantic sunglasses collection but no round ones, so it's not complete yet!