Wednesday, December 21, 2011

in which i am a scrooge



(TOP: this year's ornament; BOTTOM: (L) presents under the tree, (R) eggnog.

Before K left, we celebrated Christmas together. He made me a delicious dinner, we watched "Miracle on 34th Street" (the original), and then we sipped eggnog and opened presents beneath the twinkling lights of our pretty tree. I miss it.

I must admit, I was feeling a bit of the holiday blues these past couple of days. This Christmas wasn't quite going as planned and, despite all of the highlights (Christmas with K, Natalie MacMaster), something was bringing me down.

I spent far too much on presents this year and feel like I have nothing to show for it (none of them are special enough, it was all too rushed) and now all of the funds I had planned to put toward a very special something have been depleted...
Most of my packages will not be arriving on time because Amazon is a liar...
I don't have my favorite fellow at home to celebrate with... :(
I'm still stuck at work every damn day of the week and only have one extra day off for the holidays...
It's cold but we still don't have any snow...
I have literally no self-control around Christmas cookies or eggnog...
And I just feel stressed.

There is added pressure this time of year to be jolly all the time, and I just haven't been feeling as festive this season. In fact, I've been feeling downright Grinch-y since K left. Hopefully the happy festivities in the coming days will entice me down from Mount Crumpit to join in the joys of the season...


  1. Awwww dear!! That's the worst, it's a great time of year, but it's also sooo stressful. I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed, just try to focus on relaxing instead of focusing on the stress.

  2. Keep your head up girl! K will return and everything will be OK. Damned amazon!!

  3. Yeah. I feel the pressure too. Why is that? I just want to love and enjoy the season like I used to.

    And this being Iris' first Christmas, I am trying my darndest.

  4. Keep the Christmas spirit alive!

    This Christmas will not be the same without snow :(

  5. I feel pretty much the same. This year is so much different than all the others.. Let's hope everything will turn out well.

  6. I understand your reasons for stress, I have done the same presents wise. I always want to get thoguhtful things but seem to end up rushing and spending much too much. I'm sure on christmas eve you will feel a little bit more of christmas spirit! Thanks for the 200 song playlist too, very helpful when trying to persuade colleges to put on some festive music.

  7. I would feel the same way if I couldnt spend Christmas with my husband. Thats a real bummer. Try and cheer up though, things will get better :)

  8. Quick, right now, think of 3 things you love about life. Let the holiday stress melt away and enjoy the everyday happy moments :)