Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a frosty field

I was playing a serious game of hide-and-seek with Mr. Sun this morning. At the same time as I was being blinded by his explosive light, Jack Frost was positively gnawing at my fingertips. Still, even Mother Nature's mischevious sons couldn't dampen my high spirits--my fellow Vermonters really pulled through in the election last night! I'm proud of my little state :)

I bought this scarf when I was in Venice, along with a duplicate in a brilliant blue (which I left on a bus in the Irish countryside...). I've been scratching my head and staring into my closet lately, trying to find ways to stretch my autumn colors without too much repetition. It's tough!

Lately all I want to do is go thrift shopping. I'm addicted to the thrill of the hunt! I've been scouring etsy for vintage whosits and whatsits and dreaming of Goodwill and Salvation Army. I don't know what it is! Anyway, I hope I get a chance to check out a couple of my regular haunts this weekend--my wardrobe is in need of serious resuscitation!

(Check out that frost!)

More importantly, I need a haircut. I usually just trim my fringe myself, but I've been holding out because I know I really need to get a haircut and I want to let the professionals work their magic. I can't wait any longer--it has to happen this weekend! I'm starting to feel like a self-conscious middleschooler with my hair covering half my face.


1. get a haircut
2. buy snow tires
(if this frost is any indication, my baldies aren't going to serve me very well in the coming weeks!)
3. join the gym
4. find a white blouse with peter pan collar
(it is necessary for the debut of my handmade dress!)
5. plan 100-follower photo shoot
(K told me when I hit 100 followers he would do a photo shoot for me with his fancy camera--I'm totally holding him to that. I just hope the snow will hold out for me!)

Speaking of 100 followers--thanks for sticking around, you guys!! I totally appreciate all of your comments and always try to check out your blogs as much as I can. It's hard keeping up with the digital Joneses when you don't have a computer, but I love you all! :)


  1. You don't have a computer?? And you post almost every day? I'm really impressed!

    I'm also impressed that you are always out there in what looks to be very cold weather showing us your short-sleeved dresses. If it ever gets to that point here, I'm going to treat my readers to multiple remixes of my winter coat!

  2. You pull off socks & boots like no one's business! I love how you still make it look so feminine & the tights are really pulling the whole look together & making it interesting!

  3. I love your outfit! Your scarf is so pretty and fancy!

  4. I love the pop of bright color with the scarf. And again, you're blowing my mind with the socks and boots.

  5. I'm loving this look! I have a similar-ish dress in my 13 for 30 items and i need an outfit for my boyfriend's birthday party... maybe i can put in a temporary hem and make it shorter and do something like this........ hmm thanks for the idea, u look adorable.

  6. i really love your blog!! im adding you to my blog roll right NOW!

  7. such a cute outfit! amazing scarf really!