Friday, November 12, 2010

a francais day

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :) I love Friday. Man, was the sunshine wack-tastic this AM, or what? I may have to find a new spot (other than this complete stranger's driveway) to take blogphotos on sunny days.

I decided to wear this scarf today as a bit of a challenge for myself. When I put together my "art of scarves" guest post for Lauren's blog, I noticed that I have never worn this polka-dotted one on my blog! I think I got it the very first time I ever set foot in a Nordstrom Rack, but I can't be sure because that was so many moons ago. At any rate, it's very fun (and feels quite French), especially when origami-ed into a bow :)

Last night was really lovely. My friend M had another crafty night at her house with a few ladies and some fancy cocktails (and, I can't lie, some Housewives of Beverly Hills in the background), and the girls are all so sweet and talented! M is not only a brilliant singer/songwriter, but she makes really amazing multimedia jewelry (think: gold chains, bits of glass and beads, feathers, remixing antique gold pendants and brooches). J does some pretty amazing screenprinting and is training to be a tattoo artist (she also has an etsy shop that I hope to feature when it ramps up), and Z makes really cool pop-art resin jewelry (which I'd never even heard of, but looks totally awesome)! I spent the whole night meticulously stitching feathers onto a strip of ribbon for a project that I'll hopefully be able to debut soon! Anyway, it was nice to get to know these girls a little better and we're definitely going to have to make it a regular occurrence!

(dress: Charlotte Russe; skirt: vintage; tights: TJMaxx; shoes: Payless; scarf: Nordstrom Rack; hat: UO)

Tonight I am kind of looking forward to relaxing in the apartment with some Ugly Betty, a Handsome Boy, and perhaps some cheap-o Chinese food (??). Oh, and in case you were wondering, I totally did eat a loaf of bread last night (okay, like 1/4 of a loaf, but still). The market had multiple sourdough loaves (a rarity--it almost always sells out right away) from my very favorite bakery, Gerard's (my friend S briefly worked for the French baker and gave me the inside scoop). I can't even describe how incredibly moist and tangy and chewy and amazing his bread is, but it was divine. We dipped it in olive oil with minced garlic and diced tomatoes for a little extra oomph.


  1. this outfit is indeed very french! super cute!

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  2. Love this outfit! You should totally enter this fashion contest for a chance to win $300 to shop!!/hercatwalk?v=app_95936962634

  3. that's a very wonderful kind of classy look:X i love the beanie and the scarf so much:X..

    xoxo sere

  4. I love the scarf, the bow is delightful

    That paragraph about bread was like food porn haha, you can't beat good bread.

  5. I love how you tied that scarf, so cute!
    And ohhhh my goodness. When I went to San Francisco over the summer I had sour dough bread for the first time, and fell in love. I JUST found a place that sells it in the new york city, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet :(

  6. I love how you tied your scarf as a bow, you pull it off. I've tried to do this, but this scarfs I have didn't work very well. Also, that hat goes well with your hair.

  7. Such a sweet little bow! You look darling, and beautiful. :)