Tuesday, November 30, 2010

here comes december

Truth be told, I really just wanted to wear another big sweater today. With leggings. And slippers. But I forced myself to look deeper into my closet and this is what I came up with. When it gets cold, my desire to dress diminishes to nothingness. I really just want to hibernate at home and eat chili and watch E!

(scarf/belt: Goodwill; jumper: Bargain Boutique; dress: Old Navy; shoes: Seychelles)

I'm so ready to start celebrating Christmas. We aren't getting our tree until the weekend after next, so I feel like my holiday spirit is on hold! I seriously need some cheer (in the form of spiked eggnog, festive fir scented candles, chipper carols throughout the house, and well, okay... it's time for some snow!). I mean, it's December tomorrow, and Vermont is practically at the North Pole. Well, not exactly. But pretty close :)


  1. I love your tights!!! :)))


  2. I'm loving this look! You are such a master at layering dresses over tops. So cute! I totally gave in to wearing a comfy sweater today, whoops!

  3. very cute! gosh it is getting really cold out!

  4. I really like the stripes with the tweed. I just had a big sweater day myself today though. ; )

  5. I love this outfit - it's so cute!

  6. Good work, I love your look! Your shoes are adorable!

    Jenny @vpv


  7. Ahh!!
    I just love all these textures together-its like something i always strive for...
    mmm the smell of pine and taste of eggnog...mmm im totally gearing up for crimmas too!!

  8. i cant wait that long for a tree so we are going this weekend, maybe you could light a scented candle that smells like a tree :)

  9. We're waiting for the tree until next week too... So, I pulled out the Christmas music this morning and I'm considering making the hubby bring up a box or two of decorations just to start a leeeetle bit of Christmas cheer around here.
    As usual, you look lovely. This is quite the ensemble to pull together when you didn't even want to get dressed. Have I mentioned you're one of my newest favs????

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  10. Great tights and a gorgeous scarf :) Love your outfit :)

    My colleagues put up the department tree at work today. It 's sweet treat madness from here on in!

  11. nice nice vintage outfits, i love them all!!!!

    i follow you hugs from barcelona!

  12. I love the layered dress and neck scarf. Perfect for transitional wintry weather. :)