Thursday, November 11, 2010

give bread to a veteran

So this outfit was inspired by Veteran's day, at first. I thought the double-breasted brass buttons on this rarely-worn dress looked vaguely militaristic. As you can see, I went an entirely different route. Thigh-high knit socks, a cozy cardigan, and a straw hat don't exactly scream army/navy by any stretch of the imagination. Oh well, it's the thought that counts! I doubt many of my readers are Veterans, but if there are any Vets out there: thank you! I hope you know how truly appreciative we are of everything you have done for this great nation!

The reason this dress is rarely-worn is that it is strangulation-small, especially the cap sleeves. It was miniature to begin with, but I bought it super-on-sale at Urban Outfitters last year and then it was shrunk in the dryer by someone who shall remain nameless. I forgave him right away because I am guilty of shrinking his clothes on occasion, but I still wish I could move my arms a little more easily. Oh well!

Speaking of someone who shall remain nameless (any relation? can't disclose that information...), K and I have been busy little birds lately--we've finally got around to building our little nest. Last night we went out and bought curtains for the living room, and today I bought a few art prints for the walls (because the vast expanse of white was seriously diminishing the "coziness" effect). I promise I'll post some interior shots once the walls look a little less sterile.

(cardigan: Bargain Boutique; dress: UO; hat: thrifted; shoes: Seychelles; socks: TJMaxx?)

I've decided that I'm sick because I was trying to eat less bread and my body wasn't having it. I am a carboholic, and I'm not even kidding. I fully intend to eat a loaf of bread for dinner tonight.

(A Cup of Jo)


  1. Ha ha that last bit craked me up. I quite agree when it's cold all you want is some good carbs. I like this outfit a lot, a little bit madeline esque maybe and the socks are so cute. Is it veterans day today? It's rememberence day here as well, It's good to see someone posting about it, thank you.

  2. Hey!
    Just found your blog, really dig your style!
    And I hear you about the carbs!
    Since its cold you NEED bread for the calories!
    I'm following your blog-if you like mine, will you follow me too?
    Enjoy your loaf dinner!!

  3. Oh. my. god. I want that bread! I'm sorry, 'cause you're outfit is great too, but I'm ridiculously distracted by that delicious bread truck. Seriously though, I love the military-inspired cuteness here!

  4. This outfit is beyond beyond cute. But man, I hate it when things end up strangulation small. If you do have any veteran readers, I'm fairly sure this look would make their days. My grandfather would likely say something and have to be hurriedly shushed by the rest of us.. ; )

  5. Hihi, your blog is really super cute. Your socks are adorable, and I love the location!~ :)

  6. Honestly, you make me want to wear nothing but skirts/dressses, tights/socks and ankle boots every day!!! you always look so damn cute!
    also, your hat was dropped off at the post office last night. since today is a "holiday" (yet i was still working!) it's shipping out tomorrow :)
    i hope you love it!

  7. Love the outfit. The dress looks like it fits you perfectly. Although I know what you mean by wanting to move your arms. I have a few little girl dresses that I can squeeze into, but I certainly wouldn't be able to give anyone a hug.