Monday, November 22, 2010

post-weekend warrior

Happy Monday, everyone!! I am feeling fairly refreshed after a relaxing weekend :) Don't you love when that happens? I also got a new cubicle at work which is only half ugly-grey-cubicle-walls-and-flourescent-lights--there is an enormous window behind me that looks out over our cozy little town. It's pretty amazing what natural light and access to the outside world can do for the psyche! :)

This weekend started out pretty busy--K and I went to see Ben Kweller on Friday night, and it was pretty good even though we hadn't expected it to be an acoustic show. He's amazingly talented, but many of his songs started to sound the same without the variety a full band provides. I admit I was a little confused by the opening act, a woman named Julia Nunes who didn't particularly appeal to me but seems to be hyper-popular in the YouTube universe.

After a long day of cleaning and errands on Saturday, we dropped in at Red Square to see our friend Myra play a mellow set (just what I needed), then walked next door to see her husband, Justin, as he played an impromptu gig at 1/2 Lounge. Every time I go see a show, especially when I know the performers, it just makes me wish that I were still up on some sort of stage occasionally! I'm hoping I can get a keyboard in the next few months and start teaching myself to play, at least just so I'm able to get a satisfactory singing-fix. K and I were pretty beat after a long day so we left a little early, picked up a delicious pizza, and headed home to settle into the couch and watch Toy Story 3 (not impressed, unfortunately--it couldn't even compare to the first one).

Sunday was spent lounging around, reading, and cooking up a storm. K made an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing flourless chocolate cake (which was dangerously decadent), and I made vegetarian chili with cornbread for dinner. It feels good to be domestic sometimes!

(blouse: Plato's Closet, jumper: VintageStore123 via etsy; tights: Kohl's; shoes: Payless; barrette: Modcloth; belt: Goodwill)

Since the opacity of these tights is not up to par, I layered a pair of grey tights underneath, and voilĂ ! Easy-peasy. I received these leopard-print barrettes as a free gift with my "Frankly, I Don't Give a Dress" dress (which I won from the Clothes Horse!), and have yet to wear either the dress or the barrettes, and since the red halter isn't exactly autumn-appropriate, the dress has been put on the back burner (though I think it would look great with a vintage fur coat, so I might throw that together one of these days...). Hair accessories, however, know no season.

Welcome to my new followers, and thanks to Emily for featuring me on her blog!


  1. I love the necktie! My fave shirts have that little bow. Cute blog!

  2. Your dress is really awesome:Xlove it:X

    xoxo sere

  3. your blouse is lovely and your blue tights add such a nice touch, great outfit

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I'm a fan of Ben Kweller, jealous you got to see him!

    You look lovely! I love those blue tights (layering gray underneath was a great idea!) and how you layered that top under your dress. Sooo cute :)

  5. This outfit is perfection! Each piece is lovely but when assembled, they just sing.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend. Your mention of chili made my tummy grumble. Yummo.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  6. I just fond your blog and I'm pretty much obsessed with it, haha. I lovelovelove your outfits.

  7. You have such great style! ACK!!! lovely!