Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my big friggin' culinary failure

I like my haircut with this outfit. Luckily the sleetstorm we had last night was tamed overnight and only a slushy mess remained this morning. It's supposed to be sunny and warm later this week, and I hope all of this silly snow melts before my autumn-inspired photo shoot (planned for this weekend, if all goes well)!

I've been watching way too much bad TV lately--it's making me feel rather stupid. I'm totally hooked on all of the housewives shows (Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Married to Rock), and I get completely sucked in when something like My Big Friggin' Wedding appears on the screen. Who are these people??? I'm totally fascinated by the crazies walking around out there. It's like a sociological study of American Idiocy--I almost can't handle it, but (like a train wreck), I can't look away. Anyway, I should probably focus on putting down the remote and doing something more productive with my time. Or maybe I should just let K dominate the TV with his silly shows about lumber and motorcycles so I am forced to leave the room.

(polka dot top: Plato's Closet; skirt/belt: Goodwill; tights: HUE; shoes: DSW; hat: UO)

Last night I made zucchini bread and it. was. disastrous. I still can't figure out where I went wrong--I've made the bread from this exact recipe (I think!) more times than I can count, and I only had this problem once before (in college, there were martinis involved, I blamed them at the time). The loaves came out of the oven (after 35 min) looking short and spongey, and after an extra 20 min their condition didn't improve. After looking around on the interweb I think I may have made only a half-batch, but that doesn't really explain the weirdo texture. I might have to try making a new batch this evening to prove that I'm not insane. Maybe there should be a trashy reality show about all of my failed culinary projects... I would be able to look away from that train wreck.


  1. Is that snow on the ground? You lucky girl! I WISH it would finally get cold around here.
    Ps - Those tights are adorable. And yes, your haircut looks great with this outfit :P

  2. Ah, this whole snow really early in the season thing is crazy! We even got a few flurries here in nyc yesterday.
    I really like this outfit, and those tights are my favorite color to wear at the moment :)

  3. oh these photos are beautiful! love your tights so much!

  4. love the yellow and the blue here, sorry about the zuch bread. Sometimes I can even mess up choc chip cookies

  5. Love your mustard hue tights!!! I need to get a pair...color pops! hey, I am hooked on housewives shows too...addictive, huh? thanks!



  6. Sucks about the zucchini bread... I'm generally a pretty good baker but years ago made some lemon loaf (taking a laid-back attitude to instructions) that came out like a brick swimming in butter. The next day I was told to make it again (my mom had a bed and breakfast). This time I followed the recipe to the letter, and it came out exactly the same. My sister made it the next day and it was perfect. So weird. Anyway, good luck with your next culinary project!