Tuesday, November 2, 2010

romance & intrigue

I am a romantic. I want to live my life as if the Heights are Wuthering all around me. I have always been drawn to the romantic aesthetic of the countryside (...cozy knits on cold afternoons, dry leaves and rosy cheeks, mulled wine and a glowing fire, the hush of silk against soft skin...) and when I wear this blouse it is as if I am swathed in the essence of my femininity. Too much? No, indeed.

(blouse: Bargain Boutique; skirt&sweater: stolen from mom's cedar chest; shoes: Seychelles; tights: Goodwill)

I finished my dress last night (!) and I'm quite pleased. It has some questionable seams and will probably fall apart pretty quickly, but I think I may have found my calling. There is nothing more satisfying than CREATING something that originated only in your imagination. I felt right at home hunching over my humming sewing machine, and I'm pretty impressed that I was able to sew my very first dress without even referencing a pattern. I'll showcase it here very soon!

For all my American readers--don't forget to go out and vote today!!


  1. It is a beautiful blouse. I always enjoy romanticism in a nature-oriented kind of way. I love the drama of a cold wind out of doors. And anyway, if you're in the wild moors, no one notices that you're talking to yourself...

  2. Love your blog, i have just came across and and have sat and read a lot of your posts! Im a new follower :)

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  3. oh I love your shoes, such a romantic and vintagy look! CHIC! love your blog as well and you`ve got a new follower:)Hope you might follow me back