Tuesday, August 14, 2012

life lately: log town weekend

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This past weekend, K and I jumped at the opportunity to house-sit for my parents (aka babysit the dog) while they did some work on the cottage in Connecticut.  We arrived on Friday night and K cooked me a delicious dinner (potato-broccoli-cheese soup) and we drank wine and watched a movie.  The next day we made breakfast (I say "we" because I tried--and failed miserably--to make hash browns and omelets, and K had to step in last minute and salvage everything. "The canteloupe was good..." he said ;), took the dog for a walk in the woods (he's significantly less sprightly than he used to be, and needed a sit-in-the-swamp break halfway through), floated on the pond until the clouds started to look menacing, and retreated inside to read for the remainder of the rainy afternoon.  The next day we lounged around for a few hours in the morning and then K got a fire going and cooked steak (him) and a tofu dog (me) on the grill for lunch.  My parents got home around 2:30 and we headed back to our own abode.  These weekends at Log Town are never long enough!  I can't wait to have a house of my own...

PS K shaved his beard off and I love it (it always takes me about 24 hours to adjust when he shaves) but he has already started growing it back!  I can't convince him otherwise... :(

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  1. I'm planning much the same this weekend, going to house sit/water the plants at my parents (and escape the city) for a couple of days. Looks very relaxing, I love the sit-in-a-swamp break! Also find it weird when my boyfriend is beardless, he looks so much younger.