Wednesday, August 1, 2012

in which i'm as wild as freesia in a flowerbed


Back again--with my bangs!  Infinite improvement.  I don't know why I always hem and haw about whether to grow them out or not.  As soon as I trim them I'm happy :)

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(dress/trench: h&m; shoes: seychelles; ring: etsy; earrings: flea market)

I bought this dress on super sale at H&M in Montreal this weekend ($10!).  I love a good deal :)  It's very pretty and ladylike and I briefly considered wearing it to my friend Megan's wedding this weekend, but I'm not sure it is terribly dance-friendly (and I intend to do some serious dancing).  Speaking of the wedding, tonight I'm going out on the town with my ladyfriends for Megan's bachelorette party!  I've never attended a *true* bachelorette party before.  I did go down to Boston with my college girlfriends to surprise my friend Steph before she got married at City Hall (we waited in her apartment for hours drinking champagne in fancy dresses for hours before she finally came home from work--she'd decided to go shopping, that rascal), but it was more of a girl's weekend than a party, so it doesn't really count?  Anyway, debauchery isn't exactly our oeuvre (anymore),  and aside from some false eyelashes and party hats (wild!), this will probably be a quite respectable evening as well :)  I never really understood the concept of the "last night of freedom."  I hardly consider myself to be "free" after five years in the same relationship, and isn't that the point?  There is no reason that getting married should put a kibosh on dance parties and dinner with girlfriends!  Still, it's fun to celebrate :)

In the meantime, the week is half over, and that makes me very happy indeed.  I've recently started rewriting my novel (seriously, this time, not in a mopey 'do I haaaaaaaaave to?' kind of way) because I figured out a good way to do it and everything is getting nice and fleshy and filled out.  Very exciting.  Of course, this means I actually have to start doing some "research" for my subplots, which always slows me down and makes me anxious, but it's a start!  It's really nice to see that word count rise.  This does mean that I may be completely revamping everything, but that's what you're supposed to do, right?  It's looking like this might be a complete overhaul... but it took me a LONG TIME to get to this place.  I finished my first draft months ago and was totally clueless and lost when it came to editing.  Glad to be excited about it again!

Happy Wednesday, friends! 


  1. Love your dress so much, Caitlin! What a find! :)

  2. This dress is so whimsy & adorable! and I said this last time, but I just love you hair! Good luck with the novel rewrite :)

    Oh, My

  3. This dress is adorable and with the price tag of 10 dollars definitely irresistable. I love your trench too
    Have fun at the bachelorette party!!

  4. Your hair looks very cute freshly trimmed! This dress you're wearing is so pretty and girly too. And what a great price! I love the trench coat paired with it.