Thursday, August 16, 2012

in which polka changed its spots


Wearing lots of prints today and loving it.

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(dress: modcloth; scarf/belt: thrifted; heels: charlotte russe)

For some reason every outfit I envision for these heels involves polka dots.  I love the idea of leopard as a neutral--it really goes with everything!  I can't believe it took me so long to incorporate the print into my closet.  I have a feeling my uniform this fall/winter will look a little something like: little black dress, leopard heels, red lip, repeat (with a scarf thrown in here and there for good measure).

Tonight I need a break.  From life.  The plan is to go to the gym, have dinner, and take a nice long bubble bath (maybe accompanied by a melancholic French film).  My  body just feels sick and tired and worn out lately, and needs a little TLC.


  1. I love the creativity of this outfit, Caitlin! Gorgeous!

  2. LOVE this! you look fab!


  3. this is SUCH a great outfit, and i'm with you on the leopard. it really does go with everything!

  4. Hey, leopard and polka dots is a great idea...I love how this turned out!