Wednesday, August 29, 2012

in which i wear tin in my ears


So, here we are at the end of August.  It's been a good summer.  A busy summer.  It sure flew by.  I'll post about Austin tomorrow, but for now: it was SUCH FUN.  I had a great time exploring the city and it was wonderful to see all of the BU girls again.

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(dress: goodwill; earrings: creatures boutique; boots: seychelles)

I picked up these earrings at Creatures Boutique on South Congress in Austin, because I can't travel to a new place without picking up a little something to remember it by!  They are upcycled from scrap metal by a local jewelry designer, and was only one of several pairs I wanted to buy.  I think they capture the spirit of Austin's creative community pretty well :)  Unfortunately, my earrings always get lost in the mass of my hair, so although I think they sort of make the outfit, they are invisible.

Definitely ready for the long weekend.  K and I are planning to go down to the cottage and relaxxxxxxxxxxxxx. And not spend money.  Last night I made the saltiest lasagna of my life.  We ran out of olive oil so I had to cook the mushrooms and onions in butter, which was salted.  Poor choice.  And now I'll be eating salty lasagna for the next week because I can't bear to waste!  C'est la vie. 


  1. The earrings look lovely...well actually the whole outfit looks lovely on you :) and I love the touch of red of your lipstick <3

    Life is a romantic poem

  2. Love this dress! The color, the shape, and it looks just like perfection with your eyes color!