Wednesday, July 25, 2012

over the weekend: the wine and the climb

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Last weekend, K and I had some adventures.  I had purchased a jumponit deal months ago for a buy-one-get-one-free wine tasting/glass of wine/take-home wine glasses at Lincoln Peak Vineyard (outside of Middlebury), and we finally got a chance to use it!  We drove down, tasted the wines, wandered through the vineyard, and watched bullfrogs croak from the wraparound porch (yes, I'm wearing the same thing I wear every weekend--it's my summertime uniform!).  The verdict?  The wine was okay--none of them inspired us to buy a bottle, and K ended up dumping his dry rose into my glass (he's a lot more particular about wine than I am).  Still, I'm glad we went for a visit.  I've never been wine tasting before (beer tasting, yes, which is strange, because I'm definitely more of a wine drinker).  I did experience the wines of Tuscany on a bike tour, but that was more of just wine drinking, not so much tasting.

We've also been planning (for a few weeks now) to climb Mt. Philo in Charlotte.  It is Vermont's oldest state park (est. 1924), and is rather adorably small (the picture of the entrance? yeah, that's the entire mountain).  But we are out of shape and that thing was steep!  We climbed to the top, hung around at the overlook for a while as the sun started to set, and then headed back down.  We're hoping to do a lot more hiking in the coming months!  Vermont is so beautiful :)


  1. I want to see more of K's tattoos, they look awesome. :)

  2. I always wanted have a wine tasting experience! And after this awesome post I definitely want to try it, Caitlin! This pics can't be more suggestive!

  3. Wine tasting is a lot of fun even if you dont really drink wine which is my case. I dont really taste a difference but its fun to pretend I do ;)

  4. I'm fond of wine so these wine tasting experience would make me jump for joy. I hope I can experience someday. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I used to hike Mt. Philo all the time, isn't it the best view from the top?!