Tuesday, July 3, 2012

in which i'll take you down to brown town

This hat lives on my head.  I burned my scalp a few weeks ago and now I'm totally paranoid, so it doesn't leave my head for long when I'm outside in the sun.  Whatever, it's a look ;)

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(dress/jacket/hat/sunglasses: thrifted; shoes: tilly's)

This week has been a little wild (and it's only been two days!), so I am more than my Fourth of July freedom tomorrow.  Sadly, it's supposed to rain... but I'll just keep doing my "don't rain" dance until then...

In other news, here are a few ways I've worn this dress in the past:



  1. a burnt scalp does not sound like fun. At least you have a cute solution for preventing any future burns.

  2. It's so cool to see how you remixed the dress, very nice how you created four different looks - I love them all!
    And oh ouch, a burned scalp sucks! But you look cute with the hat so there's nothing bag about wearing it so often! :)

  3. Hattitude Style Blog

    ouch you burned your scalp! i'm not sure if that has ever happened to me. it seems like you have such thick hair, it must have been a REALLY hot day.
    i like this hat...no LOVE this hat.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  4. Ow burned scalps hurt so badly. I hate even taking showers when I burn mine. It hurts! I can see why you want to wear your hat! It's adorable too, so that is a plus!