Monday, July 16, 2012

in which i am a flower girl


Oh, Monday.  That is all. 

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(dress: vintage; hat/belt: thrifted; boots: seychelles)

I bought this dress to sell in the shop and I'm thinking I'm going to hem it, but I wanted to take it for a spin first :)  I love the floral print and think it could transition nicely to fall--the pretty little flower buttons are cute (as a button!).

This weekend didn't quite go as planned.  I left work early so we could drive down to the cottage in CT, but when we got there the door was locked and we had no idea where the key was.  I climbed in a window.  Then we discovered that the electricity and water were both out (electric we could have done without, but the lack of water/plumbing was an unexpected unpleasant surprise).  I would have been content to carry buckets up from the lake for the next 24 hours, but K wasn't having it, so we ended up leaving on Saturday afternoon (but not before a morning spent reading on the "beach" and a quick swim).  We'll definitely be going back before the summer is through.

That night we went out for Mexican food to make up for our failed adventure, and the next day we decided to go to the Waterbury Reservoir for sunbathing and fishing (me and him, respectively).  We ended up getting caught in a crazy thunderstorm and had to sprint across the dam in the pouring rain (so hard I couldn't see)!  So, yeah.  A bit of a failure on all fronts.  Oh well, there is always next weekend!


  1. love love love that cute dress, it suits you perfectly, and I'll be keeping my eye on your shop for it too. sorry to hear about you WE, but it sounds like you had fun anyhow


  2. Sorry to hear your weekend didn't go as planned, that's the worst!! I absolutely love this dress and how you knotted it on the side is so awesome.

  3. this dress is very pretty. I think you should keep it
    Sorry your plans bombed but at least you have fun stories like committing a break in ;)

  4. Sorry about your plans not working out! I'm not sure I'd have stuck it out without water or electricity either haha.
    This dress is so cute on you. You look incredibly summery in this outfit!