Friday, July 6, 2012

in which this must be my blue period


I've pretty much only been wearing blue lately.  I don't know what that's about.  This outfit was one of those "it's hot outside but freezing in the office" compromises...

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(cardigan/shorts/blouse/belt: thrifted; shoes: seychelles)

This week was totally weird.  First it was Monday, then it was basically Friday, then a holiday, then another Monday and another Friday.  Not sure I'm a fan.  I mean, I can't complain about a day off, but a long weekend is much preferred.

This weekend is already filling up with fun!  Tomorrow night the Yanks are playing a show at White Rock and K and I plan to make a day out of it.

See you on Monday!


  1. Yeah the whole mid week holiday was super lame. Everyone should have just gotten Wednesday through Sunday off :)

  2. I've been looking for a while for the perfect shorts and I think I found them...on you! Care to send them to Italy? :)

    Life is a romantic poem

  3. I really like those shorts! In Spain when there's a holiday that isn't near the weekend people usually make a "bridge" and take a day or two holiday to round up to the weekend. Mind you, I guess we get 30 days of holiday here instead of 10, so it's ok...

  4. I love those shorts, they are awesome, and so is the striped cardigan. That would be weird to have a random day off during the week, I also prefer long weekends

  5. Blue looks beautiful on you so keep on wearing it! I love the mix of shades of blue in this outfit.