Thursday, July 5, 2012

life lately: independence day!

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This pretty much sums up my wildly exciting 4th of July ;)

K and I woke up and walked downstairs to watch the parade from the sidewalk outside our apartment.  There were tractors everywhere.  It was crazy hot so we went inside to rethink some wardrobe choices before heading down to the "fair" in the park, walking the perimeter once, and loading up on iced coffee (me), cheeseburger (him), and local ice cream (us).  Side note: I know I have a large head, but I can't imagine anyone having a head small enough to fit in the knight cut-out.

Seeking refuge from the sweltering heat, we drove into Burlington for a matinee of Moonrise Kingdom, which I am going to damn myself by saying was not my favorite.  I love Wes Anderson and have endless appreciation for his aesthetic, but that's all this movie was to me--aesthetic.  It just didn't come close to comparing to Darjeeling Limited or Life Aquatic or Rushmore.  Still, charming, nice to look at, etc.  Now I really, really want to see Woody Allen's latest (To Rome With Love).

Home again, home again we went, where we had a quick dinner and then--boom!  Suddenly there was a torrential thunderstorm and our power was knocked out.  We lit some candles, drank some wine, and played Parcheesi until the rain stopped--just in time for the fireworks!  It all worked out.  We went down to the park again with our chocolate cake and watched the (maybe slightly soggy) fireworks.

A lovely day :)

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