Tuesday, July 24, 2012

in which storms are coming


This dress is so loosy-goosy and lovely for a summer's day, but I think it will transition really well into fall as well--apple picking outfit, anyone?  It's definitely too big for me, but oversized is in, right?

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(dress: brave; bracelet: vintage; tote/ring: etsy; shoes: seychelles)

We had a wild rainstorm last night with thunder and lightning rumbling and flashing every few minutes.  I have really been craving rain lately, so it was a welcome change from the humidity and heat of the past few weeks.    Whenever it rains like that I always long for a sunroom or screen porch to sit in and watch the weather.  There is something almost spiritual about storms.


  1. this dress has apple picking written all over it.

  2. We've been having some craaazy thunderstorms here lately too, it's nice. This dress is so awesome, I love the loose fit, so cute with your hair like this! It will be so perfect for autumn too :)

  3. That dress is super cute! You can't go wrong with a little plaid dress. It'll definitely transition well into fall.