Tuesday, July 10, 2012

in which you can call me sir stripe-a-lot (jk, don't)


Okay, I can't lie.  I'm a little behind on outfits.  This is from last week sometime.  K has been borrowing my car for the past few days because his is in the shop, which makes for realllllllly early mornings (we live at point B, in between A and C--I work at point A, he works at point C, he goes to work earlier than I do usually, so he has to drive me from B to A and then get to C by his usual time... confused yet?).  Anyway, I've been spending a few hours with a latte at the cafe near my office so I don't have to get there disturbingly early (I like to limit my time spent between those gray walls as much as possible).  It's been nice to relax with my book before work, but boy--I'm not a morning person.

034 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 039h

(dress: old navy; scarf: vintage; shoes: unionbay)

Tonight is K's birthday (happy birthday, lover!), and because we both have to work we won't be able to do anything too terribly exciting.  I'm taking him to the new Himalayan/Indian place in Burlington that has been getting such great reviews.  Other than that, just looking forward to the weekend!


  1. cute little dress you have on! Whew those mornings do not sound like fun. I hope his car gets fixed soon so you can get more sleep.

  2. cute! love the scarf and the shoes!


  3. Ugh I'm not a morning person at all either. I'm sorry you have to be up so early lately!
    Also, I love your simple striped dress. It looks so breezy for summer.