Wednesday, September 5, 2012

in which with september comes stormy weather


I'm definitely way more excited about dressing for fall than I was about dressing for summer.  Maybe I'll actually blog or something.  I'm especially thrilled that polka dots are so big this season!  They are excellent, IMO.

Picture1214-1 Photobucket Picture1211two Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(shirt/shorts/belt: thrifted; trench: h&m; loafers: lulu*s; glasses: c/o glassesusa)

I have been thinking a lot lately about this blog and where I want it to go.  You may have noticed that I've been posting a lot more lifestyle and a lot less stylestyle these days.  That's mostly because my "style" has morphed into a much simpler animal, and a very repetitive one.  I read a quote somewhere that really spoke to me, about French women investing in one really great black dress and wearing it every day and always looking chic and fabulous.  I kind of want to be like that.  Obviously I'm not there, since I never "invest" in clothes, and purchase 75% of my wardrobe at Goodwill.  But someday.  In the meantime, I'm more interested in what is going on in my life than what is going on with my clothes right now.  That may change.  Come winter, when all I'm doing is sitting on the couch knitting with a cup of cocoa day in and day out (I intend to learn to knit this winter...), things might change.  Inspiration may shift. 

For now, I'll just be posting what I want to post, when I want to post it.  If I wear the same black dress every day for weeks on end, you probably won't hear from me around here.  I hope that's okay.  I hope you stick around!


  1. you look so sweet! i love your glasses

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. "Maybe I''ll actually blog or something." Ha, this is EXACTLY how I feel-- I love dressing for fall wayy more than summer. also, love this look :)
    Oh, My

  3. the shorts and the shirt are looking interesting together)

  4. i've been feeling the exact same lately. I used to worry every day about what clothing I put on. Now all I want to do is research sewing and fabrics and be in love... my blogging has changed too! Also, do you and K want to come to E's farm this fall for a picnic date and tour?! xo

  5. I enjoy the lifestyle and stylestyle posts! I feel kind of the same wardrobe wise. Investment pieces seems like a more appealing idea the older i get. Since funds are slender I've taken to trying to restrict myself to only better quality labels in charity shops. Great outfit - very chic and lots of interesting textures.

  6. I enjoy all your posts and I still love seeing what you're wearing even if you think it's repetitive. I'm really really loving this outfit! Those checkered shorts are amazing paired with the polka dot top. Those prints just look so great together!