Tuesday, September 25, 2012

in which une femme est une femme


I think this outfit was probably subconsciously inspired by the fact that I watched "Une Femme est Une Femme" last night (the red, the little jumper, the mary janes)...

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(dress/scarf: thrifted; shirt: tjmaxx; tights: hue; shoes: payless)

I've been having a rough couple of days, but I won't whine about it.  I'm not really sure why I'm in such a funk, but last night I decided to relax the best way I know how.  I took a bubble bath, read my book, ate leftover jalepeno pasta (which I made on Sunday--cooking and listening to music is also very calming for me, at least when it's a recipe I've made many times before and I'm not likely to fail), and watched movies.  It was a pretty good evening and I'm feeling a little bit better.  Anyway, the point of that story (sort of) is that K bought me this jumper and scarf combo on another day when I was feeling funky (and broke, but wandering around Goodwill anyway because thrifting sometimes makes me feel better--oh yeah, I went to the thrift store on my lunch break yesterday, too...).  And that was nice of him.  I kind of like him and wish he wasn't always studying so we could hang out.


  1. I've been in such a funk the last couple days too! But I've had a weird stomach bug making me woooozy. A bath, movies and thrifting sound like awesome ways to break a funk
    Love the lumper with the red tights and mary janes, such a cute combo!

  2. I have to see that movie. I'm not entirely sold on Anna Karina in clips I've seen of her different movies, but there's no arguing with the still photos/the fashion.

    Anyway, you know I've been in a funk too, so funky high five!

  3. Your relaxing evening sounds wonderful to me. I was in a funk last week so I understand. I decided to stop stressing about school so much even though it's a ton of work. I'd love to have a whole evening where I could read a book I actually want to read and cook and listen to music. Maybe someday... haha
    Also, I love love this outfit! The jumper and striped top is fantastic and I love your red tights too. I want it to cool back down so I can wear my red tights!