Friday, September 21, 2012

in which i've got polka dots a-plenty


This is one of my favorite outfits in a long time (I call tell it's Friday when sentences start to sound nonsensical--too much editing all week will do that to a girl).  It combines all of the elements I have been loving and embracing for Fall--leopard print, polka dots, skinny jeans, a man's oxford shirt, a red lip.  I even managed to work in my "oui" ring and Jewelmint necklace!  This cardigan (along with this dress) was one of the only things I bought when K and I went shopping in Montreal before my friend Megan's wedding.  Talk about control!

Photobucket Photobucket Picture1544two_zps408aa1cc Photobucket Picture1539two_zps06fff4f5 Photobucket Photobucket
(cardigan: h&m; shirt/belt: thrifted; jeans: pacsun; heels: charlotte russe; necklace: jewelmint)

I feel like I've been in super-social mode this week and I am exhausted.  Wednesday night K and I met up with Sarah (from Portland) and her boyfriend (who I hadn't met yet) for pizza and chickens full of wine (no, really) at Three Tomatoes on Church Street.  After dinner we went to Three Needs (I just realized that both of those places start with "Three"--very interesting indeed) for beers and a really sad and pathetic game of pool.  I got one ball in by accident, once.  Anyway, once we were kicked off the pool tables for a tournament we meandered over to visit my brother and his activist friends for some heated conversation about women's empowerment and health care, finally heading home around midnight (which is late for us old people who have to work early in the morning!).

Last night was the first Art Club meeting in many months, and another late night with the girls.  We drank wine, tried to avoid talking about politics, looked at the 1700 photos from Megan's honeymoon in Ireland, listened to a dramatic reading by Megan's husband (!), who was preparing for a class, and updated each other on our recent creative endeavors (or lack thereof).  Good times, as always.  I feel so LUCKY to have such great friends :)

The two groups are coming together tonight for a wild romp through town and I'll be honest--I don't think I'm going to join the fun.  I really just want to go to the gym, have some dinner, watch a movie, take a bath, and relaxxxxx before I head into Woodbury on Saturday night for what will likely become an all-night bonfire bash before Sarah goes back to Oregon.  I can't party for four nights in a row, anymore!  When I was in college that was pretty standard--we went out pretty much every night of the week until the wee hours.  But that was many moons ago.  I'm old and introverted now, and fine & proud of it.


  1. I love this too! I can tell why it's one of your favorites. The subtle print mixing is so cute. I love your dotted cardigan layered over the button-down. The red lips look wonderful as always too.

  2. Super cute outfit! I just discovered your blog and see that you like Woody Allen! And Pedro Almodovar! I'm in heaven :)

  3. cute outfit! and it has totally inspired me to piece together something similar...when the temps finally get out of the 80s here.