Tuesday, June 12, 2012

life lately: cape cod!


I'm back!!!  Actually, I got back on Saturday night, but I've been busy enjoying a relaxing reentry on Sunday and not-so-much enjoying my reentry into the office on Monday, so I haven't had time for blogging.  The Cape was lovely, as always, even if our crowd was a little smaller than it has been in recent years (K couldn't come because of class--boo, my brother Colin left after a couple of days--he hates the beach, and my brother Jonathan's girlfriend stayed only the first (rainy) weekend--she had to work).  Still, it was nice and relaxing and full of food and drinks and Bananagrams and Trivial Pursuit, and even though it rained for the first half of the week, we were treated with lots of glorious sunshine for the second half and ended on a high note.

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1. sandy crab
2. brunch at the Fairway (an annual treat)
3. banjo brothers/breakfast
4/5/6: windy day beach stroll
6: takeout from Arnold's (another annual event)
7: Hyannis on a rainy day (lunch at the pub/book store scavenging)
8: morning coffee on the beach
9/10: cape cod creamery
11: the cottage
12: the beach across the road
13: cape cod fisherman at Coast Guard Beach/dacquiris
14: the cottage
15/16: walk on the beach
17: horseshoe crab (it's alive!!)
18: footprints in the sand
19: crab en garde/the clattering grass (so many crabs!)
20: waves in the sand/new bathing suit
21: goodbye beach!


  1. This looks like an absolutely wonderful trip, I am so jealous!! I want to hang out on the beach :)

  2. the beach here looks amazing! makes me miss summer :(
    now following!


  3. This looks absolutely wonderful and relaxing! What I would give to be at the beach right now! Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures!
    x Hannah

  4. Looks like a perfect vacation (minus the missing man!). And your bathing suit is too cute, where is it from? I'm always on the hunt for flattering one-piece suits!

  5. looks like fun, love gelato.


  6. Coast Guard Beach! We go there every year, my closest friend's family has a house in Orleans - so we ride our bikes there on the rail trail...so fun!

  7. looks like an amazing vaca!!! #jealous. love the bathing suit and sunnies!