Thursday, June 21, 2012

in which holy hell this solstice heat


It has been HOT around here lately.  In the humid 90s.  That's what we call hot around here.

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(shirt: old navy; shorts: vintage; shoes: seychelles)

This is one of those classic/retro/simple looks that I'll always love.  However, I must say, I was annoyed with myself for not carrying my sewing machine tote in these photos, because I very specifically intended to include it (such perfect purse-outfit coordination rarely occurs).  I'm debating whether or not to sell these shorts.  I originally bought them for the shop, but now that I've worn them I'm so attached!  I broke the cardinal rule of selling clothes on the internet.  Whoops.

This is what I wore yesterday to get sushi and cocktails with K on a shady outdoor patio in Burlington and to sit on the lake and watch the sunset before heading home to eat cheesecake and watch an episode of The Riches (our latest addiction).  This summer is turning out to be quite glorious.  Tonight: margaritas with the girls!


  1. These shorts are SO awesome, you rock them. I don't think I could pull this off, but you definitely do. Love the plain black tee and cute hat for a hot day

  2. cute shorts. I say keep them :) PS the way you northerners complain about the heat is the way I complain about the snow. I'd take a heat wave over piles of snow any day!

  3. It's definitely hot here too! The humidity makes the heat so so much worse. I'm loving this summery outfit you're wearing. Those shorts are fantastic!