Friday, November 8, 2013

road trip recap: yellowstone national park (part ii)

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Remember how I said that whenever there was a wildlife sighting the traffic was backed up for hours?  Well, a lot of the time we would look and look on our way through and see nothing of interest (one section of the road was backed up/blocked for a good 24 hours because of an eagle that we couldn't even see!), but sometimes we got lucky.  Like when we happened upon that bison leisurely strolling down the road toward us while a ranger attempted to encourage it off the road with his SUV.  It was adorable!  Another favorite was when we saw the group of bull elk hanging around one evening (also above), looking all majestic.  We ended up leaving the park at least for a little while each day, partly just to escape the mobs of people.  The first evening we had dinner in town and then went to a rodeo!  I'd never been to a rodeo before, so when we spotted the flyer in town I knew we had to go.  It was just a small local affair, but the bull riding was pretty cool to see, even though none of the riders could stay on long enough to win a prize.

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