Friday, November 1, 2013

road trip recap: kennewick, wa

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At this point in our trip we were feeling pretty broke and (I'll be honest) a little homesick, so it was lucky that we had planned to spend a good chunk of time at K's house in Kennewick!  We ended up staying there for about a week and a half, unwinding and recharging before the last leg of our adventure.  Some highlights: kayaking on the river, an air show/boat race, sangria and horseshoes when K's brother and his girlfriend came to visit for the weekend (and lots of card and dice games late into the night--one of which I won!), soaking in the hot tub, wine and beer tastings, Chico's Tacos, Art in the Park, the Hanford tour (although I'll admit, I slept through most of the bus rides), and a sunset hike (K took some of these photos, like that last one--my favorite!).  In six years of dating, this was the first time I had ever been to his hometown, so it was really great to see where he spent his (later) formative years and spend some quality time with his family, who were so very hospitable and showed us a great time :)

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