Saturday, November 2, 2013

road trip recap: spokane, wa

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After we left Kennewick we stopped in Spokane to spend a night with K's brother and his girlfriend at their ADORABLE little bungalow.  His brother was working when we arrived so his girlfriend graciously showed us around the city for a few hours in the meantime.  We first took a walk through the neighborhood to those beautiful gardens above, which I imagine would be the perfect place to go for a stroll on a summer's day, then drove to the other side of town to check out one of the hip neighborhoods over there before parking downtown.  We stopped in at the Davenport, which is an incredibly beautiful old hotel that is just open for the public to poke around in and marveled at the gorgeous chandeliers and grand ballrooms.  Our next stop was the waterfront, where there is an expansive park and rides set up and running at all times.  I got the sense that Spokane would be a really amazing city to be a kid in, because it was very family-oriented and... rides (enough said).  We wandered down to see the rushing falls, at which point K's brother called to say he was downtown and we started walking back to the car... and I gracefully tripped and faceplanted with my camera lens-down on the pavement.  I barely had time to notice my scraped knees (my camera!), but we were both fine and I was only embarrassed in a "let's all pretend that didn't just happen" kind of way.

We all went out to dinner at The Flying Goat, where we had beer and cider (me) and ate delicious pizza, and then we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some Scrumpy's on the way home, which enlivened the conversation into the night.  It was great fun, I only wish we'd had more time there!  Spokane definitely surprised us with all of its charm--having an insider's perspective is definitely a plus when visiting a new place, especially a city!

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