Sunday, November 3, 2013

road trip recap: montana (and glacier national park)

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I had heard amazing things about Glacier National Park, so even though it was pretty far out of our way I was adamant that we had to stay there (not to mention I wanted to see the glaciers before they've all melted away!). Unfortunately, the epic views we were expecting were completely shrouded in thick fog both days that we were there--so much so that even after driving several miles on the "Going to the Sun" road on our way out of the park we ended up turning around and going back out the way we came (didn't help that it started POURING, either).  We spent both days huddled in our tent trying to stay warm and dry (after we took those first moody photos when we arrived, it rained pretty much nonstop for the rest of our stay).  Oh well, the drive south through Montana almost made up for it--they're not kidding when they call it Big Sky country!  K and I stopped to take more pictures than we had anywhere since the shutter-happy early days of our trip--the views were just spectacular!

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