Monday, November 4, 2013

road trip recap: jackson hole, wy

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You might say we'd been a bit traumatized by camping in the rain at Glacier, because suddenly the idea of camping in Grand Teton (the original plan) sounded like a terrible way to spend a couple of days.  We thought we were just passing through Jackson Hole, but when we spotted the Kudar, a quaint retro motel with log cabins just on the outskirts of town, we stopped on a whim and ended up booking one of the little cabins for ourselves.  It was SUCH a good choice. We ended up being able to explore Jackson Hole, which we probably wouldn't have done otherwise, and we still got to spend a good amount of time driving through and exploring the Tetons, so it was win-win.

We spent most of our town-time just wandering around.  It was the typical tourist town--the same stores feature prominently in destinations catering to wealthy travelers from coast to coast (art galleries, home goods stores with exorbitant prices--we saw a clock that was selling for $25,000!--overpriced restaurants, and souvenir shops).  Still, we enjoyed window shopping.  The second night we joined the mob of people waiting to see the "shoot-off" they have every night of the week, which is put on by the local theater troupe.  We got a good chuckle out of it and then slunk off to get some gelato--the guns were way too loud!  

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