Tuesday, January 8, 2013

in which this is my main squeeze


Coat #2!  This is the coat I wear pretty much every day.  It's not terribly warm, but it cuts the chill, and I think the fit is pretty flattering because of the cinched waist (even if the woman at the post office thought I was pregnant because it poofed out so much).  Also, it goes with everything.

Photobucket Picture013-2 Photobucket Picture022two Photobucket Photobucket
(coat: sears; hat: vintage; gloves: jcpenney; jeans: pacsun; boots: seychelles; scarf: thrifted)

I tried to get up at 7 am this morning and it just wasn't happening.  I really want to be an early bird, but why does it have to be so dark and cold in those morning hours?  I go through phases.  Like that magical time when I somehow managed to get up out of bed and go running four mornings a week (whaaaat?), or when I wrote a page in my journal every day immediately after waking (that exercise also slowed to a full stop...).  I just can't bring myself to leave the comfort of my covers if in doing so I still have to turn on a light.  I even went to bed rather early last night because I was exhausted from my workout video--ha!

Anyway, this week feels so busy already.  It's like we let everything slide over the holidays and we've been stocking up (hence the trip to Costco--we had run out of pretty much every pantry item) and cleaning house (for some reason the sink is never completely empty of dishes) for the new year.  I would like to get more regular workout and cleaning schedules back on track, but it's hard when I can't even seem to get back to a clean slate!  I must say, however, the prospect of all the open-ended weekends in the month ahead is really exciting.  No commitments!

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  1. This is absolutely the perfect jacket, I love the clinched in waist, so feminine!! It's so great to have a winter jacket you absolutely love