Thursday, January 17, 2013

in which i could go for some sugar on snow


After a week of spring weather, we're back to January.  If the thaw is over, this can only mean one thing: the freeze is on its way.  Oh, Vermont winters, you're so predictable.  Anyway, it was crazy snowy and blustery today and I braved it anyway because I liked my outfit. 

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(blazer: vintage; scarf/lace top: thrifted; sweater: target; jeans: pacsun; shoes: lulu*s)

Because this outfit is all cream and taupe and tan and whatnot, it reminds me of sugar on snow.  It's been YEARS since I have partook of that tasty treat--like, over a decade.  I do put maple syrup in my coffee though, so maybe that's like, the grown-up version?  I've been wearing the crap out of these jeans lately.  Maybe it's finally time to invest in more than one pair?  


  1. So much snow! I love it. I also love the colors in this outfit. All the shades of brown and taupe are so pretty together. Those jeans look fantastic on you too. I really like the loafer heels paired with them. Casual and classy!

  2. You are definitely a Vermonter...putting maple syrup in your coffee! Way to go! And I agree, beautiful outfit, definitely worth the trip out in the cold!


  3. I love the colour combination in this look, beige and white and denim, perfect all together!! The weather's been like that here too, warm then freezing, ugh