Wednesday, September 18, 2013

road trip recap: savannah, ga (part ii)

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On our second day in Savannah we had to take the car in for an oil change and brake check.  As it turned out, we needed to replace the brakes ($$$), and the dealership didn't have the parts they needed so we had to take a loaner overnight. We decided to visit Bonaventure Cemetery that afternoon, and spent several hours wandering through the graves, taking pictures, and reflecting on mortality (as you do).  Just as we were heading back to the car it started to rain, then POUR, so we retreated to the hotel (again... this became a theme in those Southern states).

The next day we went out to Tybee Island, spent some time sweating it out on the boardwalk (the HUMIDITY), had lunch at Spanky's (a sad salad and a dacquiri for me), and just generally explored the area for a while.  As we headed back to pick up our car it started to rain again--tropical thunderstorm style, with crazy lightning and everything.  It was definitely wild to me how fast the weather changed down there.  We experienced some sort of insane storm every afternoon, but the mornings and evenings were generally sunny and hot.

Next up: St. Augustine!

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