Thursday, September 26, 2013

road trip recap: florida's gulf coast

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We zipped up the gulf coast of Florida in two days on our way to Alabama and New Orleans, stopping for one night each in a couple of State Parks (Oscar Scherer and St. George Island), which were both beautiful and left us wishing we had more time.  Our site at Oscar Scherer was riverside in a tropical jungle, which was only moderately terrifying considering the giant alligators we had seen earlier that day.  It had been raining all day but let up just as we pulled into the campsite, so we were able to put up our tent and write in our journals in relatively dry peace. The next morning we were up and off early because we had a long drive all the way up to St. George Island, a blissfully empty beach campground with a white sand and blue water surround (glorious). We went for a swim, watched the sun set, and got up for sunrise the next morning (though it was so overcast all we could see was a pink tint to the sky). PS crabs mating, haha!

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