Monday, September 23, 2013

road trip recap: miami, fl (part ii)

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After stopping in Miami Beach, we headed back across the river to visit Vizcaya, which was awesome (highly recommended--even more than Biltmore).  We weren't allowed to take photographs inside the mansion, but the gardens and grounds were photogenic enough that it didn't matter.  The inside was completely over-the-top luxury with incredibly ornate and elaborate furnishings and architectural details, and in the center of the house was an open courtyard that I would totally die to have if I lived in a majestic Miami mansion :)  One of the coolest features was definitely the stone ship just off the back terrace, which I was terribly tempted to swim to and probably would have if it hadn't been highly illegal (wanting desperately to swim in forbidden pools was definitely a common problem for me).  We spent the remainder of our afternoon just leisurely strolling through the magnificent gardens, and then stopped for Indian food that night (not exactly Floridian cuisine, but a craving's a craving).

The next day it was off through the Everglades to Key West!

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