Monday, February 4, 2013

happy hot air balloons


Oh, weekend.  I miss you already.  I do feel like my weekend was satisfying/productive, though, which is saying something.  I zipped through The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith (loved), watched some great movies (The Giant Mechanical Man, Your Sister's Sister, and Vegucated, which seriously made me consider veganism until I realized I can't live without cheese... but I'm going to cut back on dairy products as much as possible [not loving the almond milk in my coffee and soy isn't a great substitute, either, healthwise--any suggestions]?  Also it made me feel good that I've at least been a vegetarian all my life.), went to the gym and did my workout video... all good things.

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(dress: h&m; shoes: seychelles; belt: urban outfitters; hot air balloon earrings!)

On Sunday night, K and I watched the Superbowl and drank beer and ate nachos.  I must admit, I'm a bit of a closet football fan.  I used to love playing it (my family is very competitive, and sports were never an exception), and I do enjoy watching it once a year (even if the 49ers did lose...).  And Beyonce was awesome.  Now it's back down to business--getting my car fixed (hopefully?), working working working, finishing my tax returns, all that boring grown-up blahblahblah.


  1. I am loving the bright mustard dress against the snowy background, it's beautiful!! Sounds like a very awesome and productive weekend :D

  2. I already miss the weekend as well! Great outfit...I love the colors! I'm not a big Super Bowl fan, but I did watch a bit of the Puppy Bowl! haha.

  3. So cute! I adore that dress and those shoes!


  4. The color of your dress is so pretty and happy! Your hot air balloon earrings are awesome too! Such a cute little outfit.