Friday, November 2, 2012

in which friday comes to those who wait


Gosh, you guys, it's the weekend!  What??  Finally.

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(coat: h&m; shirt/skirt/scarf: thrifted; shoes:

Last night I had a lovely time with my lady friends at Art Club, where we mostly didn't talk about art and instead talked about the end of the world and how we can save it (and ourselves).  Always awesome.  And then we watched this video, which I thought was really powerful (for a bit of art with our politics).

Today I had a lovely lunch with my mom and now I'm off for a weekend with my gal pals at a friend's house in Plattsburgh (the first of my friends to buy a real house!).  Have a good one!


  1. Such a cute classic outfit. Your navy skirt and pinstriped blouse are perfect together and your jacket is great. I just love this!
    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!