Wednesday, January 27, 2010

j'adore haute couture

I'll admit it: I'm pretty clueless about the world of fashion. I will also admit that up until recently, I have been pretty okay with that--I was initially drawn to style blogs because they're personal and unique in a refreshingly relatable way. I like the comfortably casual way that we can snap photos of what we're wearing every day as we go about our relatively normal lives.

However, since I've become more involved in blogging and blog-stalking, I've slowly been developing my sensitivity toward, specifically, haute couture. I can't get enough of it! These collections are like extremely expensive boxes of assorted chocolates, each piece carefully crafted so that every flavor--whether it be nutty, fruity, creamy or crunchy--is always individually distinctive but more important, collectively complementary --so that all together... oh my! ...the most devastatingly satisfying sugar-high.

I hope you will bear with me as I attempt to explore my newfound appreciation of (and perhaps... dare I say, true true love for?) the bounty of beauty that is haute couture.

Exhibit A: Chanel, spring/summer 2010:

More like cupcakes than chocolate, but I love love love love love this fabulous body-frosting. From the cotton-candy tailored suits (with charming gauzy-rosette scarves!) to the flouncy, lacy frocks and silky, bejeweled, floor-skimming gowns... mmmyes. It's as if an early Easter Bunny laid some pretty little eggs on that Paris Runway (see Exhibit A, Chanel No. 5, dead center). All kidding aside, though, I really do have much love for this and I especially admire the continuity of this collection. I felt like each piece really belonged with the others--like all of these dresses could happily hang out backstage together, powdering their noses and chirping like little Easter chicks.

Also, heavens to headpieces! I am going to start doing my hair like this every single day because I am in love:

It must be said, however, I think I may have seen this look before...

And believe me, it is no coincidence that there are cupcakes involved.

...I'm hungry.


  1. I wish I had all of Marie Antoinette's shoes.

  2. Beautiful. What a great post! Very funny. And oh so true about seeing it before! I think the clothes were the only reason I liked that movie! That was one great scene with all the shoes!

    Totally heart your blog.

    Heart: Kimberellie