Tuesday, January 12, 2010

going ruche

Today I feel a little bit like Blueberry Sal.

I remember being utterly charmed by this book as a youngster... doesn't a lazy day in a wild blueberry patch sound lovely? I think so!

Alas, all blueberry patches happen to be buried in heavy snow on this particular day, so I must resort to channeling the frolicking spirit of a summer day in Maine on my cardigan (disclaimer: Ruche called them "Virginia Blue Bells," and indeed they do not look a whole lot like blueberries up close, but that's what they remind me of).

I don't much like the way that the cardigan fits (in fact, I don't like it at all--not one bit), and I toyed with the idea of sending it back but my laziness wouldn't allow it. It's a crying shame, because I really do like everything else about it--the color, the pattern, the ruffles...

I'm hoping that it will shrink in the wash so I look a little less square with my arms down. Seriously though... who makes a sweater that gets wider at the waist?

(cardigan: Ruche; tank top: Marshall's; gray jeans: PacSun; moccasins: Minnetonka; tiger eye ring: gift)


  1. I actually like the cardigan or maybe I just like the way you styled it..hmm, well anyways you look adorable. I do hate when things don't fit just the way you want them to, but if it helps you can't tell the fit is weird from the pictures at all.



  2. Oh The cardigan shape look really good on the picture! I like it a lot, such an adorable pattern! ;)

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon