Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love this dress! I only wish it were an itty-bitty bit smaller so that I could wear it without a belt in all its gilted glory.

The sweetheart neckline and full, swingy skirt are so delightfully nineties, but the best part has got to be its cracked-out abstract pattern--sort of floral, sort of tribal, sort of electric-koolaid-acid-test, all awesome.

Today I decided to pair it with my peacock necklace (which kind of looks like it was recently involved in a cock-fight... or is molting... but I love it anyway) and my patent purple pumps. The gold jewelry adds an extra kick to the glam-tacky (glamtackstic?) aesthetic.

(dress: NodtoModVintage on etsy; necklace: UO; bracelets: flea market; belt: Steve Madden; tights: gift; shoes: Candie's; Value Village)


  1. Love the bangles! Great pattern on the dress for sure! I'd say "galmtackstic"! Also great photos. You are brave going out there in the snow sans jacket!

  2. Oooh girl, you are BRAVVEE!!! I would never be able to stand out side and take outfit shots- I can hardly stand inside when it is cold out. However, you look fabulous doing it and I just adore that dress. Beautiful necklace as well!


  3. i love this dress too!