Friday, September 25, 2009

yesterday is vintage

Until I get a real computer in my clutches, I am going to have to content myself with posting outfits after-the-fact. This little get-up was based around my new silk ruffled blouse. The day after my major spree I couldn't resist ducking in to the little thriftstore here in town on my lunch break. All adult clothing in the store is $2--hello, budget! Belts, scarves, etc. go for a mere $.50! I allowed myself to abandon self-control and I still only spent $6.
The best part about living in Vermont? They didn't even make me pay (right away)! A lot of stores "downtown" here are cash-only, and my city-slicker habit of never having cash on hand (I burn through it like it's paper a $3 chai latte, $1 chocolate bar and $5 sandwich later and I inexplicably spend my rent money...and my waistline) means that I can avoid situations like this one where I spend spontaneously on things I don't really need.

Well, the woman at the counter shoved everything in a bag and told me to drop off the money later in the day. Saved! (Funny... the same thing happened at the bagel place a couple of days before. People are so trusting!)

Anyway, I picked up the little ruffled blouse, intending to pair it with my grey blazer a la J. Crew: ...but I don't have any pants that aren't denim, and office rules and regs won't allow them. Still, I like the way the outfit turned out...a luxe look for cheap-cheap!
skirt (vintage, hemmed, free from Mom), silk shirt ($2), belt ($.50), tights ($2 CVS), peep-toe oxfords (Madden Girl, TJMaxx ~$10), fur collar (H&M, $12.95)

I'll arrange a blazer/blouse alliance later--first I want to replace the default blazer buttons with some chintzy gold antiques.

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