Tuesday, September 29, 2009

movies that matter: the cove

On Saturday night, K and I went to see The Cove at our beloved Savoy (which never disappoints). It did everything the reviews said that it would do to me... I was simultaneously outraged and touched, cursing my castrated cash flow. I was shocked and appalled by the insensitivity and downright lunacy of the Japanese government. Not only were they murdering 23,000 dolphins every year (because technically they aren't protected by the IWC, though even if they were I'm sure Japan would find a loophole in the name of "science"), in the name of pest control...

...but they then proceeded to blatantly poison the people! I just want to shake them and ask,

"Really, do you want to require all Japanese schoolchildren to consume mercury-laden dolphin meat for lunch every day? Really? Even after Minamata? It's like a neurological genocide of your own people."

For such a developed nation, Japan appears to be completely devoid of moral conscience. Talk about corruption--the government is so stubbornly trying to avoid regulation from other nations they are only proving to those meddling nations that interference is absolutely necessary! If the poor Japanese people can't even trust their government to provide edible food, of course they're going to be a little bit unstable (or maybe it's just the mercury poisoning)... is it just me? Can anyone else see the connection? This country is off the rails!

But seriously, Japan, if you fear for your food source, find another one. The world is only getting smaller... maybe the Japanese people should Master the Art of French Cooking and leave poor Flipper in the ocean where he belongs. Sorry, future children-of-mine, if you exit my womb you will not set foot in a SeaWorld... Ric O'Barry makes it sound like a trip to the State Penitentiary would be an equivalent experience.

The good news is, this documentary may actually be making a difference! As Mr. O'Barry said, if we can't protect this one little cove there is no hope for change. But, as it turns out, maybe hope does spring eternal! The Taiji dolphin hunt was scheduled to commence as soon as September rolled around, and still the Cove is quiet and clear. All eyes are on you, Japan. This is your chance to prove that you still belong to the human race.

It's so inspiring! Maybe we really can change the world one little cove at a time. Whether your "cause" be putting a halt to global warming or stopping sex trafficking or saving the whales or restoring deteriorating mansions, you really can contribute to the overall improvement of life on this earth--for dolphins, for humans, for the future. After all, if one man with one mission can make one movie and stop the slaughter of thousands of dolphins... who knows what nearly 7 billion people could do if we tried?

To donate to the dolphins (and maybe get a cool tee-shirt), click here. To figure out what issues get you all hot and bothered, wake up your life! Say "screw you, comfort zone!" See a few films that don't just transport you to an escapist place you've visited so many times before (if you want mindless entertainment on the weekend, watch something stimulating on a Wednesday)... our minds were meant to be bent... and everybody knows that curiosity never really killed anyone.

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  1. Really, this is a horrific movie....I really like this movie...I watch the cove movie from the internet......