Thursday, September 17, 2009

the story of my life

So, I created this blog [in my mind] weeks ago, but have not officially started writing it. Why not?

Well, mostly because:

I took a couple of outfit photos (snapped especially for this purpose), settled in at the local wi-fi hotspot, booted up my computer...



...and was greeted by loud grinding and gooblede-html-gook.

Needless to say, I have found it more necessary in the past few weeks to purchase things like food and accessories for the upcoming wedding event than to splurge on a new blog-writing machine.

This is, of course, the story of my life:

1. get really inspired
2. get foiled

Well, I refuse to allow myself to fail when faced with foil-ation! I will find a way.

And so, I will soon be purchasing a new computer. I'm thinking this one, because I'm cheap when it comes to investing in functional items... I need to have access to frivolity funds!

In the meantime, here are a few items from around the web that I absolutely must obtain in order to become a proper fashion blogger (outerwear edition, because after all--this is Vermont and once we hit October the outerwear is really all anyone will ever see).

1. the faux-fur vest (BB Dakota)

2. the leather jacket in boho-brown (F21)

3. the leather jacket in badass-black (TopShop)

4. the military-inspired blazer (F21)

5. the plaid wool cape (A.P.C.)

After all, if I can't post about what I'm actually wearing, I might as well post about what I wish I were wearing. That's usually more fun anyway--I love a good daydream.

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