Monday, May 6, 2013

road trip outfit #1


Whoa, watch out for wrinkles!  Now I'm just getting sloppy.  Anyway, this is the first (and hopefully not last) in a series of "road trip outfits" that I've put together in preparation for the trip.  Since it's unlikely I'll be snapping outfit shots across America, I figured I'd take a little of this limbo time to show you what I will probably be wearing.  I guess the wrinkles are pretty realistic.  I will be living out of a suitcase, after all...

015 (600x800) 004 (600x450) 005 (600x800) 011 (599x800)

A few things about this getup... this dress was not originally intended to be altered with a hi-low hem.  I just went a little scissor-wild and cut the front way too short for the mini I had planned.  Whoops.  I was pretty upset with myself at the time, but this works. Sort of. Besides the wrinkle thing.  And the shoes.  I bought these wedges specifically for the trip, after AGONIZING over what to get--Wedges? Flats? I did purchase a pair of really nice flat sandals but they just made my feet look manly, so I sent them back.  In the end I decided to just get a nice, comfortable pair of wedges that I would actually want to wear (these are Kork-Ease--so comfy!) and then throw down a few dollars for a cheap pair of flat sandals to mess up at the beach and whatnot.  All in all I purchased seven pairs of shoes specifically for the trip: these wedges, flat sandals, red keds, white keds, hiking shoes, fun heels, and flip flops (which don't really count).

We've got less than two weeks to go!  It's getting crazy around here :)


  1. It's okay. I feel like my clothes are wrinkled 80% of the time! I really like the high-low hem on your top and how you made an alteration error work! It's cute!

  2. oh my goodness, i eneded up packing way. too. much. for our roadtrip! It would have done me some good to pick out full outfits before we left! Good luck with the packing :)

  3. um, i love the way you fixed your scissor happy "incident." it makes for a very cool top—def road trip appropriate. also love all your shoes options you mentioned, i think 7 is the perfect number!