Friday, April 30, 2010

back alley

This is my dark alley. Not-so-dark today.

Yowza, what a morning. It was bright and sunny but I overslept, so my 6 am run turned into a 6:45 am run, which did not give me nearly enough time to prepare myself for the day. (Twenty minutes to shower and shave and make myself up and blow-dry my infuriatingly long, water-logged locks?? Yeah, right.) I really need a haircut. I've been enviously eyeing Mel and Christina's shaggy, uncoincidentally twin trims, but I don't think I'm quite ready to part with my full fringe. I just don't like how heavily my hair hangs when it's at rest, which part of the reason I've been defaulting to the Wang braid lately (that, and I don't seem to have the energy for my usual daily teasing routine).

I'm not surprised I overslept, but I am rather surprised that my morning jog wasn't nearly as painful as it has been in the past. Maybe I'm actually getting somewhere! Mostly I'm surprised that I could even move after last night's overindulgences. I met up with my pals S&E and we headed to Tiny Thai in Winooski (stopping first to pick up a couple bottles of Portugese white wine -- it's BYOB), where I consumed an enormous plate of tofu Massaman curry and my fair share of our fried banana split.

Good thing I had these photos bubbling on the back burner (I'm such a cheater) from yesterday morning. All I can say is, thank you K for simply rolling your eyes and ignoring my raging, and thank goodness it is finally Friday (again). The weeks really do seem to fly these days.

Tonight, we feast (this time: Italian style)! K and I are meeting up with the family in Burlington to celebrate my mom's birthday at Trattoria Delia! This is like a fun game of "Round the World (of Food) in Eighty Days." Especially since I've been living off of $1.99 Indian food from Trader Joe's ever since I stocked up when I was in Boston.

(dress: goodwill; hat/scarf: thrifted; socks/shoes: Kohl's; bag: consignment)


  1. really cute, I love the dress and I LOVE that purse! The yummy dinners sounds amazing :]

  2. Such a cute outfit! and if you plan on cutting 8inches (I know its a lot), you can donate it to pantene for cancer patients! I'm going to do it soon, once I get over the idea of chopping so many inches...

  3. Love this whole overal outfit, out together really well. Love the shoes, the hat, the dress! Have fun at the meal! :)